I am the first, 100% POLISH coffee scrub, which was created from a combination of natural ingredients to make your skin more beautiful, moisturized and smooth than ever before!
My dear, thousands of women all over the world already got to know the coffee scrub and fell in love with it! Now it's high time for you! Coffee scrub itself has got numerous uniqe advantages:
- it smoothes your skin,
- it exfoliates
- it firms the body,
- it redyces cellulite,
- it slims,
- it nourishes the skin,
- it prepares the skin for easier absorption of lotion or cream's active ingredients,
- it gives your bod sexy colour and scent,
- it improves subcutaneous circulation.
I do not want to be immodest, but I need to point out that I'm also extremely handsome, charming, and all I think about is the time we finally meet!
If you've never used coffee scrub before, with me your life is going to change forever!
Spending time with me is piece of cake:
Take off all the clothes and take me with you into the shower or bath.
Thoroughly moisten the skin with water for about 2 minutes.
Make sure you took the proper amount of me, so that I can cuddle your whole body - remember: I'm very efficient!
Let the party begin! Spread me throughout the body by massaging me in a circular motion in your skin. Then, leave for 5-10 minutes and let your skin absorb all the fantastic ingredients I offer. Are you afraid of boredom? Forget it! - I'm a fantastic listener: it's time for us to get to know each other and gossip a bit.
When you decide to end our meeting, just rinse me with warm water and enjoy the more smooth, beautiful and fragrant skin than ever before.
I will miss you terribly, so don't forget to meet me regularly 2-3 times a week.
Besides personal charm, loving heart and a hilarious sense of humor, I can offer you only the best natural ingredients, such as Robusta coffee, himalayan salt, brown sugar, macadamia oil, argan oil, almond oil, chocolate and vitamin E. Read more about them on the site dedicated to components. Composition INCI: Coffea Robusta Seed Powder, Sucrose, Sodium Sulphate, Theobroma Cacao Seed Powder, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Fragrance.
It depends on the result you want to achive. Best noticeable effects will appear after using scrub every 2-3 times per week.
Once I walked into your bathroom, you would probably leave everything and spread me all over your body immediately! Due to the innovative, loose consistency I'm super efficient, so don't you worry, my love - we can meet up to 20 times! One tablespoon should be enough to cover the whole body with the product. Take a small amount of the scrub, apply on the wet skin and rub in a circular motion.
Hold your horses, you hot-headed! What I can give you, is deffinitely worth your time! The longer I stay on your skin, the more beautiful you become :) It's not only that I can't resist you, ofc :)
Darling, that’s easy. If you don't want to sleep with me, which I'd love the most, you can always keep me in this package I came to you in. You can take it in the shower or keep it close to the bathtub, however the best way to keep me clean&sexy is to store me in the dark and dry place. I know I'm hot, but better try to protect me against too much water... Or maybe you consider the first option? :)
In one package there is 200g of the BodyBoom scrub. When using regularly: 2-3 times per week, it should last for about one month. It all depends on your personal preferences - frequency, intensity and the area of using the product. Nevertheless the scrub is very efficient, thanks to the loose consistency and unique ingredients. One package should last for 10 to 15 applications. Yeah ... but why would we be so restrained? It takes only few "click-clikcs" and I'll be with you again! - Order me here.
After the first application the scrub can be stored under appropriate conditions for the period of 6 months... But I know you won't resist me for so long :)
They say I was made for body, but ohhh, you're so pretty! You can try to apply me on your face as well - but remember to be cautious and delicate, so that I can give you only the best of me :) Warning: when scrubbing the facial skin, it can sting due to the use of the himalayan salt. Sorry, I'm "just a human"! ;)
I'm made of the natural ingredients, therefore I shouldn't harm your delicate skin. Anyway, before the first use on the whole body, try to resist it and test me on the small part of your skin.
Of course! I guess you've been searching for a remedy for a long time, but you can rest now - I'll deal with this! What makes me so special is the special kind of coffee, with special amount of caffeine, which stimulates the skin and improves subcutaneous circulation. A little bit of magic now and your cellulite disappears! - all for such a special girl like you! :) But it won’t disappear at once, ofc! The first effects should be visible after about one month of regular application. I'm worth your time, I promise ;)
Yes, yes ofc! :) - thanks to the vitamin E and three great oils, that I've got, thanks to regular use, thanks to some magic and loads of love, I'll help you to nourish and firm your skin, so that all of these terrible stretch marks will be reduced - BOOM! No need to be thankful, I know your thoughts :)
Probably I won't surprise you, but ... YES! :) Argan and macadamia oils have a number of anti-inflammatory actions, which alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis and help get rid of pimples. Your skin will easily absorb them, so I will be able to help you combat the flaking, itching and various types of blisters. Remember, however, to apply me very gently and carefuly on your skin.
My love, I'm so happy you found me! Of course I can help you - I am the the major source of caffeine, which stimulates the subcutaneous circulation and improves the adipocytes circulation (adipose tissue cells). Due to that it reduces the excess of the fat tissue. Sounds mysterious? So give me a try! You won't regret it :)
Easy, my dear. I've got good news: you will feel the difference just after the first application! And than, thanks to regular meetings, after about 4-5 weeks you should notice the reduction of the fat tissue and cellulite on your tights and buttocks. BOOM!
Whoa! We've got a messy one here :) Lovely! If your bag does not close properly, we must have got too messy last time we met. But don't worry - just clear the package's string clasp, so that the package can be closed as it should, and let me calmly wait for our next bath (but don't live me here for too long!).
How lovely! Unfortunately we need to wait a little bit - the coffee scrub should not be used in preganancy, due to the presence of the caffeine. It would be very helpful after the birth. You should then skip the brest area in case of breast-feeding. It's all good :)
Ohh, I'd love that! Let me be a wise man for a while: The scrub should soften the skin through the exfoliation of dead epidermis, therefore it should only be used on the healed skin. So wait 'till your tattoo is healed and let's go crazy!
BodyBoom scrub is made mainly out of the natural ingredients. Before the first application you should read the composition, because some of the elements, despite of the natural origin, can provoke allergy. Furthermore, before applying to the whole body it is recommended to test the product on the small part of skin - 24 hours before using it. In case of the allergic reaction stop using the product and consult your healthcare practicioner.
No!!! How can you even ask? BodyBoom scrub is tested only on beautiful ladies’ bodies.
I am a real polish guy - created in Poland to take care of thousands of women all over the world.
Of course! We all have the highest quality Robusta coffee, which smoothes the skin and reduces cellulite.
We do take care of you and ourselves ;)
In fact, everything depends on you! The most important is systematicity! Use the BodyBoom anti-cellulite butter every day, and you will see the first results after 4 weeks! Remember, the same lubrication of the body is not enough, it is also important to keep proper diet and do some physical activity.
Using this butter is nothing but pleasure! Massage it with circular motion on the area of thighs and buttocks after each bath. Just after the first use you will feel that your skin is smoother and firmer than ever before!
That's the perfect combination! I'm glad you ask. At first, let's have a shower - me + hot water is the best preparation for what comes next - the body butter. Once your pores are open and ready to absorb all of the nutrients, massage the butter into your skin in the area of thighs and buttocks with circular motion (towards heart). Leave it to soak and get ready fo the perfect bod! You've just found the best duet of cellulite killers!
It's easier than you think! Look: BodyBoom anti-cellulite in its formula contains active components that significantly contribute to the reduction of cellulite. Additional ingredients, such as shea butter and soybean oil smoothen the skin and leave it deeply moisturized for a very long time :)