Active Charcoal

Coffee Scrub 200g

Active Charcoal

Coffee Scrub


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Let me introduce myself

Let me tell you a fascinating story, which began many millions of years ago. It took a long time before I saw the daylight for the first time, but thanks to that I became a real diamond among coffee scrubs. Are you wondering what is so unusual about me? I have got an active carbon inside me, which, due to its unique properties, effectively cleanses your skin, removes toxins and bacteria. After each our meeting, your skin will be incredibly smooth and radiant. The power of Robusta Coffee beans will stimulate the subcutaneous circulation to reduce cellulite and stretch marks. The selected ingredients will smooth out your skin tone , remove pigmentation spots and make your skin nourished and elastic. Exceptional composition of three oils: macadamia, arganic and almond, will moisturize your skin and soothe irritations. Intrigued? Get me closer! I will tell you more than one fascinating story!